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I’m so obsessed with this no joke I reblog it every time I see it. 

this makes my stomach drops

only just understood this and woah it scares me

this is too real it felt like a stab in the stomach

Te equivocas.
No quiero ser tuya.
Quiero ser mía.
Siempre mía.
Y a ratos,
compartirme contigo.
Siendo libre.

En verdad no esperaba que mi vida resultara de esta manera.


Dios, dame fuerzas por favor.

Creo que si leyeras mi tumblr sabrías que todas las indirectas son para ti.

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.

John Michael Green (via get-lost-in-infinity)


i am bored of tumblr but at the same time i am addicted to tumblr 

Thick girls are the solution to world peace.


Preach 👌🙌🙌

Quizás debería hablarle, pero.


ah, yes. after a 13 hour flight to the states, i can finally watch the youtube video that wasn’t available in my own country


- ✌😋🍇🍷&#160;; #sangría #gasolina #partyinapouch (at Dorado Beach)